Showers - Farieys Bathroom CentreShowers

We have a full range of showers to fit any needs.

Baths - Farieys Bathroom CentreBaths

We have a full range of baths to fit any needs

Taps - Farieys Bathroom CentreTaps

We have a full range of taps to fit both your bathroom and kitchen.

Sinks - Farieys Bathroom CentreSinks

We have beautiful sinks available for both your bathroom and your kitchen.

Toliets - Farieys Bathroom CentreToilets

We provide a wide range of toilets.

Bathroom Furniture - Farieys Bathroom CentreBathroom Furniture

We are also able to provide furniture to make any bathroom look special to you. This includes a range of items such as mirrors, cabinets and accessories to make your bathroom personalised to you.

Screens/Enclosures - Farieys Bathroom CentreEnclosures and Screens

A wide range of shower/bath enclosures and screens are available

Underfloor Heating - Farieys Bathroom CentreUnderfloor Heating

Warm your cold feet with premium underfloor heating systems.